HBD – the analysis on finding your real friends on social media

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HBD: computer type for Happy Birthday

Tomorrow is my best friend’s birthday. So tonight, while we were eating pizza on the couch and watching movies until midnight, naturally, we discussed plans for tomorrow. We had also just posted great Instagrams of our pizza (shameless plug- follow me @jamiematos), and are currently participating in a like-off to see whose pictures will get the most likes- feel free to help me win.

In the discussion of our plans, she mentioned the need to turn off her Facebook notifications that come up on her phone. One, because the plethora of meaningless happy birthday posts are annoying when they constantly make your phone ring, and two, because her real friends would text her anyway. What I find so interesting, is how one can distinguish real friends from social media friends simply by the different types of interaction you have on social media.

Facebook HBD posts are for fake friends. HBD tweets are for better friends. HBD text message? Now we’re fastly approaching best friend zone. HBD Instagram? This person cares more than anyone. The analysis is fierce, and many have differing opinions on where to draw the line on social media regarding birthdays.

Society has recreated a new norm for developing relationships. Analyzing friendship status has been this way for ages in the physical world. You analyze who gave you a present, who came to your birthday dinner, who remembered it was your birthday when you passed them on the street, and who sent you a card.

The digital world of social media has mirrored the physical world. However, this creates new social norms that we need to be just as aware of as the old ones. The friendship identifiers created by social media can not replace the ones created by real-life actions. Blogger Thomas White statedWe can be conscious of the fact that virtual-life isn’t the same as real-life. In fact, it is a sad substitute. I think that this is an important idea to remember as we read HBD on our phones and hear it from those around us.


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