Cyberish- The Language of the 21st Century

Cyberish (noun): the language of the internet and cyber-world

I recently read a post by my classmate discussing Internet language. The post comments on the development of the emoji into a common internet language that can be accepted internationally. It is recognized that this will probably not occur, due to the fact that it may be difficult to hold detailed conversations through simple images. However, the post also addresses the concept of some internet language forming. The internet has eliminated the geographic barriers that led to isolated populations and such a large array of languages. Without barriers to separate evolving languages, I believe that a single internet language will evolve that will be understood universally. I do not think we are far from this exact development occurring.

Some have theorized on the idea that the new internet language will be the already developing computer coding. I believe this will be too complex for the average person to use, and also does not have the right application needed for common conversation. Rather, computer coding is for the development of communication means rather than for communication itself. It is for this reason that I will be the internet language that will be evolve will be an extension of something that already exists: video.

Video can communicate complex ideas and simple ideas. It can be understood and created by all. It requires minimal effort to produce. I believe people are much more receptive to audio visuals that they are to print, and the author of this post seems to agree with me on this, as she discusses the idea that Glutenberg’s printing press was just a blip in the continuous era of audio visual communication. Our existing languages still may persist, so as far as an internet language goes the videos will have to incorporate all languages of the physical world. Perhaps artificial intelligence will edit the language of each video to accommodate the user. However, I believe we will tailor the internet to be solely audio visual as we progress into the future.



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