The Ultimate Multitask


As part of the tech-savvy generation, the generation that is attached to our phones and in constant communication, we need to be texting at all moments of time. My classmate Nicole made clear the implications and effects this has on our safety, and the increased potential for mishaps related to our constant phone activity.

Despite laws and regulations that try to prevent texting and multitasking mishaps, there needs to be more done. Even though there are traffic regulations, it was still just as important to invent the seatbelt. This new invention is the equivalent for dangers related to texting and walking. Transparent texting, which displays whatever is below our phones while we text, is a step towards prevent texting and walking related accidents. It is an example of the path we head down as we try to create the most viable and helpful interfaces that will allow us to be more and more connected. As technology progresses, we will have to adapt in order to protect ourselves from the dangers of new technology, and prepare society for the integration of these new technologies. 

I believe this interface will take off and mold the way for more changes in technology that allow us to be more connected as we conduct everyday activities, such as walking to class. Soon perhaps, driving and texting will be made less dangerous as well. Google Glass seeks to increase our ability to be connected at all time, and this invention is no different in that it has the same effect. As we progress into the future, this sort of innovation and change will be critical. Growth and development is more than the invention of new technology, it is how these technologies are integrated into society and how we adapt to use them in our lifestyles. We have chosen a path that involves constant connectedness, and this new development will allow us to stay connected as we go about our daily lives. This is the direction we will continue to head in, and hopefully these types of innovations will continue to accompany the release of new technologies.


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