This is going to be a short post- I want to hold your attention only long enough to introduce you to this link. This is a great link that has gone viral. Open the following link on your phone and make me even happier by doing it. This to me envelops the power of the internet and social media in assisting with charity, as well as the good we can feel when we are without the internet or social media, even if only for a short period of time. I’m on my second day now of being phone-less. By doing the children in need of clean drinking water a service by partaking in this activity, you will be doing yourself a service by freeing yourself of something that as much as you may hate to believe it, you are addicted to it. So click this link and let your morals, habits, ethics, and compulsions battle it out. See who wins, get to know yourself, and help a child in need.



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