It’s Time to Ditch the Realism


Mass communication and the way we access information, communicate, and the technology we use will look like something out a Sci-Fi movie 10 years into the future. If you think you have a realistic grasp on “the next big thing,” you’re probably 3 steps behind. This is something I’ve been having a hard time with, having grown up thinking that Science Fiction was weird and so far unrealistic that it consisted of no value whatsoever. I could not have been more wrong.

I stumbled upon this great article, which may be the first piece of Science Fiction that’s really stuck with me. These stories address my fears and concerns for the future of the news and media, and I could not agree more with these predictions. If I were to add to these stories, my piece would read something like this:

You are still half asleep when you get in the car to go work. Your car raises the temperature of the AC and asks you if you’d like to detour to pick up coffee on your way to work. You tell the car yes, you’d like to stop for coffee, and it takes you to your favorite coffee shop before heading to your office. It is early and the coffee shop is on the mountain-edge side of town, a remote location so that few people are around. It is here that you see the landslide occur off in the distance. It does not appear to be too destructive, but you have friends with remote homes on the mountain-side. You open your newspaper app and see the story right away, your newspaper having used your location and your interest in weather events to move the story to your homepage. The story is a video of the footage from a man who was caught in the rubble. You upload your own video of the footage of well, from your position you caught the entire expanse of the landslide. Police are now using the footage to create the limits of their search and rescue mission. 

Driverless cars? Citizen journalism? An average civilian playing a large role in a top-priority police mission? I used to scoff, too. Now I’m predicting it. I hope this article is the first of many Science Fiction pieces that I enjoy, because I think as part of a generation that will be responsible for shaping the future, I need to start embracing the abnormal and far-fetched. In order to really make a difference, which I hope to do, I need to stop being realistic.


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