To Spritz or Not to Spritz

You know we currently only use like 3% of our brains or something like that? Okay, maybe it’s 30%, I’m not really sure. Fact is we use a small percent of our brain power. But what if we could use even less brain power to do more? Is this supporting the fact that technology is making us dumber? Or simply increasing the effectiveness of our brains to do the same work as before?

If you’re seeking to answer this question of technology making people dumber, I encourage you to check out Spritz. Spritz is a new reading software that has redesigned the way we read, allowing us to scan 1,000 words in the span of a minute. It removes the slower process we currently use, which includes moving our eyes across the page so that our physical limits slow down our mental capacity. Spritz removes this obstacle by streaming one word at a time at speeds varying between 250 and 1,000 words per minute. Spritz promises this method improves both focus and comprehension.

The essential thing to know about Spritz is something we should carry into the future with us as we debate the use of all future products: It is not for everyone, and it is not for everything. What I mean by this is that Spritz should by no means enter your world by storm and become your sole method for daily reading. Have a lot of news to catch up on? Sure, Spritz away. Trying to enjoy the next chapter in that heart-wrenching dramatic novel? Maybe Spritz is not the right way to go.

Technology has its advantages, as evidenced by Spritz. It even was found to diminish the effects of ADD and dyslexia. It takes away our tendency to subvocalize, or speak the words aloud in our heads. But subvocalizing gives a voice to these words. It allows us to read them with emotion, to represent the words with feeling and emotion. If technology is empowering our brains to do more faster, is it at the same time taking away some key components? I think theres a dangerous line here. I like that subvocalized voice in my head, it’s what makes me who I am. And while I may not need it to digest my NewsFeed or read my e-mails, I’m not ready to get rid of it completely.


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