The Power of the Internet


Here’s the thing about the good old internet: the possibilities are endless.  Recently, Facebook engaged Deloitte in the Value of Connectivity study, on behalf of  If developing, impoverished countries received the same internet connectivity that developed countries have access to today, productivity within these nations would increase by 25%.  With this great of an increase in productivity, the possibilities are endless.

Let’s take Africa, as an example. The penetration of internet into the region would lead to a 92% increase in the rate of growth of GDP, 44 Million additional jobs, a 30% decrease in extreme poverty, and nearly 1 Million lives saved due to a general health increase.  This statistics cannot be ignored, and the benefits that the internet could provide to an entire nation are immense and undeniable

What is so powerful about this study is the significance and relevance this has to all of us do-gooders in America. It creates a simple connection between the non-profits trying to provide nutritional food to Latin America, the Doctors Without Borders in Africa, and the volunteers raising money to build clean drinking water systems in India. It provides a single solution to  a large portion of poverty-related global issues. Provide nations with internet, and all of these issues could be solved. The solution may be a direct result of the internet, such as by providing new jobs, or an indirect result, such as giving them access to information on health and education.  The video shown in class discussed these same facts, that a lack of Internet creates a barrier in keeping up with society.

Either way, I believe this study highlights that  there is a single track we can take in aiding impoverished regions. No matter the cause, the Internet is the primary aid.


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