There’s An App For That


image downloaded from gigaom

There is medicine, and there is technology, and much to our benefit the two have mixed. Biomedical engineering is a booming field allowing us to better our healthcare and recoveries through advanced technologies. Defibrillators save lives, and heart pacers can sustain them. What is taking off, however, is the personalization of healthcare to the point where it comes in the form of an app on our phones.

In fact, what hasn’t been reduced to an app on our phones? And if it hasn’t been yet, won’t it eventually? The tech-world is concentrating everything we need to a single device, and I’ll agree- it’s the greatest convenience. What caught my attention was the release of UltimEyes, a software app that claims to improve your vision. “The software is basically a game that shows you fuzzy patterns that you try to identify as quickly as possible from a similarly colored background. Faster speeds and repetition “teach” the brain to better process visual stimulation quicker, which can result in improved vision at farther distances,” journalist Kevin Tofel writes.

In the past, weak eyes may have been improved through physical training or neurology tests in a physical therapy-like environment. This system has now been effectively communicated to the public through society’s most common handheld device, allotting everyone the same care they could receive from visiting a doctor. This is clear evidence of the direction society is taking as we move forward into the digital age. Additionally, this evidence supports the prediction of many that impoverished communities will begin embracing technology to solve health and education problems. UltimEyes is some of the first proof of how technology is leveling the playing field, affording everyone with a smart phone the ability to learn, develop, and in this case, become healthier.


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