House of Cards: Embracing the Future

A classmate blogged the other day on her newfound relationship with the Netflix series, House of Cards.  Well, I’m always looking for a new TV show to watch so I figured I’d do my research how just how great the show is.  What I stumbled upon was not exactly the review on the show’s characters and plot line as I’d hoped, but interesting just the same.

Instead, I came across an article detailing the producers decision to air House of Cards as a Netflix TV show, with the whole season available all at once.  When the producer first started hunting for where to air the show, Netflix wasn’t even doing original content. What convinced the producer to sign with Netflix, who bought the first two seasons without even seeing the pilot, was the fact that it proposed a great opportunity to design it’s release.  The “Netflix model,” as they call it, holds the future of entertainment.  The producers were called stupid for going to Netflix and then releasing 13 episodes, but I agree with their decision — entertainment is better in the Netflix model.


The Netflix model allows for quick and easy access. A theme of the future is instant gratification, and Netflix has it.  Not to mention, releasing 13 episodes at once is the epitome of instant gratification.  Here’s why it would work on me: If I hear a great new show is coming out, I sit and watch the first episode on TV. If it’s an amazing show, great. The show is over, I move on with my day, and maybe I’ll make a point to record and watch the next episode, or maybe I’ll forget.  If I sit and watch the first episode on Netflix, if it’s an amazing show, GREAT.  Because with the Netflix model of release, I can now proceed to click on the next episode, and the next. And in two days I will have finished all 13 episodes.  Now I am an invested consumer.

So I still haven’t decided if I will start to watch the show, but I do think House of Cards hit the nail on the head in addressing the future of entertainment.


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