“Pix or it didn’t happen!!!”


“Pix or it didn’t happen,” is a quote from my friend’s seventh grade cousin.  To translate, at any critical moment of your life you better take a picture and post onto some social media outlet, preferably more than one, or it may as well be like it never even happened.  So why is this a developing concept among our generation and even more prominently among the generation below us?

Our parents recorded our first steps, our dance recitals, and school plays on video tape.  But that was for personal viewing, recording memories.  Is that the same as what social media is for us today? Social media, for me, acts as a timeline of events with the best picture highlighting the event as a whole.  But social media is a means of mass communication, meaning there is a feedback system that comes from posting onto your personal timeline, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.  

If a picture you post on Instagram doesn’t get at least 11 likes, do you have to delete it?  Does it make you question how monumental that event actually was? Maybe it wasn’t that important after all. Or cool…. Yeah it definitely isn’t cool.  No one is liking my picture and it’s been up for two hours.  Yeah I have to delete it. — And just like that, what you once thought was such an important moment to you you wanted to share it with the world is now gone off your personal timeline.  Sure, maybe it’s stored away in the photo-album on your computer.  But honestly, how often do you look through the photo-album on your computer?  How often do your stalk your own Instagram account or Facebook timeline?  My guess that the former is a lot less than the latter.  I would only go through my computer if I was looking for something very specific, and chances are it would still be easier to find on my social media timeline.  Having your personal experiences on display for the world is a test to your confidence, and as the world of social media is grows, it is something that people are going to have to adapt to.

The phrase “Pics or it didn’t happen,” is now something to live by… or at least write in your Bio on Instagram.


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