Put your stuff where it belongs, and your advertisements, too.

After a discussion on advertisements the other day, it seemed like there were some pretty consistent points.  People don’t hate advertisements.  In fact, I would even go so far to say I enjoy advertisements.  They efficiently demonstrate the benefits of their product and sometimes open my mind to new ideas and foster desire for things I didn’t think I needed.  Maybe this last part will lead me to spend a little more money on unnecessary objects, but hey, only I’m to blame for that.  The thing that we don’t like about advertisements, is where and when we see them.  I do not want a commercial for skin care products while I’m watching Modern Family on Hulu.  Modern Family is meant to be a 23 minute TV show, and I don’t need to waste 7 more minutes watching advertisements.  On my drive to work in the morning, I don’t want to listen to someone talk to me about the best mattress ever they bought from Sleepy’s, I want to listen to my morning music, uninterrupted.

So where do advertisements belong?  There has been mention of Pinterest starting to post Ads on user’s boards as they scroll through their pins.  What I found funny is that isn’t Pinterest technically a website of advertisements already?  The only difference is that it’s not large companies marketing their products, but rather individual people trying to market what products and places that they like.  This is why people go on Pinterest, or at least why I do.  When someone need ideas for a new recipe, cool places to visit, or new styles, Pinterest has a plethora of posts from friends, family, small business all at the click of a search engine.  Advertisements do the same thing, they help you figure out what you want.

Putting advertisements in a centralized location, like Pinterest, would not only avoid angry consumers who want their 23 minute, and ONLY 23 minute, but it would attract the attention of those who are actually looking to buy.  Economically, I have no idea if or how this work. But it is some food for thought.


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