To Go Far, Go Together

Two decades ago, if you had told someone there was an 11 year old giving a speech on a show reserved for brilliant ideas, innovative people, and the most unique concepts society has to offer, they probably wouldn’t have believed you.  Hannah Alper, and countless others, are proof that this is possible.  That one person can get people’s attention without leaving their rooms.  Sure, coming out from behind the curtain of your computer can only help, but to capture people’s attention it takes no more than a blog. From her speech, I think Hannah Alper has been following some great advice.

It all starts with a spark 

A spark today travels much faster than it did years ago.  You do not need Paul Revere to come galloping on his horse to warn you that danger is coming.  There’s technology for that now.  Today, a spark, a splash, anything that spreads over a given distance can happen over a matter of minutes.  Your spark can be your dream, your artwork, your story, your invention.  By posting it, digitizing it, tweeting it, or publicizing it, your spark can turn into fire faster than ever. A spark now, is nothing more than a stroke of a key.

If you want to go fast, go alone.  If you want to go far, go together.

Together has taken on a whole new meaning.  Together, no longer refers to only the people you can reach physically.  It’s not you and your neighbors, and your town.  Together now includes anyone with an access to media, anywhere in the world.  Mass communication has created a “together” that makes it more feasible to go farther.

These concepts have enabled an 11-year old to make a difference on a national level.  They can enable you, too.

Click here for Hannah Alper’s TEDxTalk


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