“I walked to school uphill both ways”


Have you ever heard this saying before?  If you haven’t, you should meet my dad. Not only did he walk to school uphill both ways when he was my age, the television was called books, the movies were a dollar, and he walked through the desert with nothing but a camel on his back.  I don’t know which of these true, but I’m guessing not all of them.

What is true, however, is how my dad landed his first real job.  He printed his resume (with a feather and ink or on a type-writer, I’m not quite sure), and he went door to door to the offices of potential employers and passed it out. One employer who took his resume didn’t call back, but instead he posted it on a cork board at a local business that architects from all different companies were known to hang out. Three weeks later, his resume was picked up off the board and my dad received a job offering.

So, as I battle the everyday question of whether my parent’s advice is actually good advice, I wonder if this actually might be.  If I upload my resume to an online database that employers use, or even through e-mail, or real mail (!), I am still just one in a stack of many.  I think the biggest effect on us all is still face to face contact.  It may not land you that first job, but it is the only contact that can’t be ignored. It may not be remembered forever, but meeting someone face to face creates a personalization that is lost on a piece of paper.


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