The “Dark Side” of Technological Advancement

This is “one of those links” that popped up on my new feed and seemed just weird enough to spark my curiosity and click on.  I was also curious because it addresses the same prompt that our final project does: what is the world of mass communication going to be like in 10 years?

What interested me most in this article was the last paragraph about “the dark side.”  What doesn’t sound great about ending poverty, increasing education availability, smarter cities, better healthcare, an increase in creative innovation, and becoming “one” with technology? I agree that these will be ideal benefits.  What is terrifying to me, however, is how much reliance we are going to be placing in relatively new products and ideas, with potentially little regard for consequences.  These consequences are already beginning to be seen in identity theft, loss of privacy and increased personalization. If these are the effects we are already seeing just as this digital revolution begins, what are we going to lose as it begins to grow exponentially?  Compromised freedom, and other things we take for granted with little regard, are the things that I think could most easily be lost here.  I find no sense of comfort in having someone know every detail about your life, and I feel the same way if something knows everything about me as well.  It’s uncomfortable, it’s a risk, and the costs and benefits weigh on a teetering scale.

Shift 2020



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