Kindergardeners On Twitter

U.S. News and World Report posted a interesting article this past week titled: “Check Out That Selfie: How to Use Social Media in the Classroom.”  I this is article pinpoints the direction that social media is headed: everywhere.  Where it currently may be somewhat taboo to pull up your Facebook, Twitter, or blog during class, these are the tools that are becoming the most helpful.

Not only does everyone use them personally, social media opens up a form of communication that can continue outside the classroom. Examples in the article included posting on Twitter about classroom activities, where student participation would encourage concise writing, or a classroom blog to bring in outside feedback.  Our blogs in class demonstrate the benefits of social media in the classroom.  In high school, we used Skype to communicate with students studying the same material in another country.  Student presentations could be posted online so that they’re research can be viewed globally, rather than limiting recognition to the class.  Examples such as these show how social media in the classroom has the power to bring the classroom out of isolation.  More teachers should be educated on educational social media for this exact reason.


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