Privacy Breaching: What is too much?

This morning I stumbled upon (not via stumbleupon) a TedTalk called “More Than Meets the Eye.”  In it, a artist shared his art collection that consists of X-Ray photographs of everyday objects.  These objects include clothing, plants, and among other things: football players and buses of people. I don’t think this particular artist’s collection is a problem, as he doesn’t use real people due to an abundance of radiation in the technology that would be unhealthy.  However, he is supporting a mindset that looking far into people’s lives, behind their closed doors, and seeing what they don’t think you can see is okay.  In fact, he makes looking into people’s lives an art.

My concern here is what happens when technology advances.  Like out of a science fiction film, will the average person have access to x-ray goggles? What other forms of privacy will no longer exist? And with this new technology, shouldn’t new policies be made to regulate it?


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