What happened to Twitter?

I was never the most active Tweeter, but I liked Twitter and I used it.  Maybe this was because everyone else did, or because it was new. In Ecuador this past semester I spent two months completely without a phone due to a seven year old boy with one eye and a clever pick-pocketing scheme (but that’s a different story).  Anyway, the other day I realized that since I have had my phone back for the past three months I never re-downloaded Twitter.

In class the other day we talked about how the first communication means by humans were visual.  I think that’s why Twitter doesn’t draw my attention as much as other social media services like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.  It replaces the basic visualization of photos and videos with literacy.  This is my “scientific” explanation for it at least: that it is in our DNA to prefer visual aids rather than literate ones to communicate.


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