My textbooks…and some free TV

With the start of every semester comes the ordering of textbooks.  So, like I’ve been doing for the past 2.5 years in college, I did the economical thing and went on to rent my $200 dollars worth of learning materials.  Inside the box, I also found a little gift from Hulu Plus.  A free month’s worth of Hulu-Plus.  I didn’t need it though, so I gave it to my friend.

I didn’t need it because I decided to read my textbooks instead of watch every episode of Modern Family Hulu-Plus has to offer.  Yeah, right. I didn’t need it because they did the same thing last semester. And when I gave them my credit card information to activate it and vowed to cancel it when the month was up, I didn’t.  I couldn’t go back to the limited, regular Hulu once I had experienced this.  Not to mention every time I go on the site the season covers of all my most-watched shows are right there at the top of the home-screen.  So I now pay for Hulu-plus.  And the irony is how it all began- when I ordered my textbooks.  The most counter-intuitive combination.



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